Ratings Report: The Queen’s of Jane's Ambitions



Broadcast: Moving into its 5th episode, the Eva Longoria executive produced ABC show Grand Hotel is steamy summer fun and a nice break from all the summer game shows. On Monday night (7/15) the show had 2.9 million viewers, which is up from the previous week at 2.77 million. The show is a drama-mystery with strong soap opera sensibilities.

Despite the 5th season’s final episode occurring back in May, a faithful 1.36 million viewers returned to watch Blackish Tuesday night (7/16). It’s really no surprise since the show has been a consistently strong contender in the primetime slot. The rerun was season 5 episode 20.

On Wednesday evening (7/17), the critical darling Jane The Virgin came in at around 600,000 viewers. This was the 16th episode of the 5th final season which will culminate in 100 total episodes. Do not miss the finale!



Cable: On Sunday night (7/14), episode 3 of HBO’s hot new teen drama Euphoria clocked in around 579,000 viewers. Part of the recent A24 television output, Euphoria benefits from a diverse cast that explores teen addiction, sexuality, and self-discovery.

BET’s Hip-Hop anthology Tales found itself with 592,000 viewers on Tuesday evening. The show is currently in its second season. For those who have not seen it, the show creates narratives around past and current Hip-Hop songs. This past episode was inspired by Mary J. Blige’s My Life.

On Thursday night, the USA Network premiered season 4 episode 7 of Queen Of The South to 940,000 views. This is an increase compared to the prior 5 episodes which had been gradually decreasing from the season premiere of 990,000 viewers. Although the show explores the popular rise of a drug lord narrative, Queen Of The South brings new energy and strong acting chops.

For the episodes 4 and 5 of Tuesday’s (7/09 & 7/16) OWN soapy drama Ambitions it garnered around 75,000 and 59,000 viewers respectively. That was a decline of 16,000 viewers from one episode to the next. The Wednesday evening (7/10), episode 5 of OWN’s 4 season of their other drama series Queen Sugar scored 1.18 million viewers . This is an increase of over 120,000 viewers from the previous episode’s 1.08 million viewers.

Online: By Nielsen’s own admission, online content has been notoriously difficult to measure, especially when companies like Netflix, Hulu, etc. tend to show different metrics than what Nielsen has measured. This is to say that our ratings report will get its data from either of these systems. 

According to Netflix’s own metrics, Ava Duvernay’s When They See Us has been the most viewed show in the company's history since its premiere on May 31st. This is an amazing feat and a win for African-American centered stories that question the history of the American justice system.

Netflix’s first Arabic drama Jinn is making waves in its country of origin Jordan. Netflix Middle East maintains its support of the growing show despite Jordanian governance opposing its morality and many see this as a win for Jordanian representation.